my travel history-2

Travelling is considered to  be an important part of education.It is one of the best means of getting knowledge and experience at first hand.A very famous personality has said ,”Travel in younger age is a part of education,in elder age a part of experience.” I remembered the day when i was amazed to see the view of Darjeeling for the first time.How splendid the scenery was! Beautiful houses was scattered at different levels and zigzag roads were running along the hills.Sometimes the sky remained cloudy and the seen was not clearly visible.Tiger hills is one of the most beautiful hill from where one can see the wonderful view.

Travelling is not just  a hunger for me which can be fulfill by delicious foods and modern dresses.It is just a passion for me which only demand more and more.Actually i want to know that how many more creation has been done by God in this Earth.

The next travel by my feet to Ajanta and  Ellora.It is a place of artistic interest.They are the most wonderful example of art of ancient India. Ajanta actually lies in the lap of Vindhya mountain.there are twenty nine caves out of solid rock.The paint looked so fresh and clear  that one could hardly believe that they had been done long time ago.

Next i visited Ellora there i saw the great figure of gods and goddesses.The rich Indian history dance in front of my eyes and i felt quite sorry as i have to left for my next destination. 


One thought on “my travel history-2

  1. well written keep it up dude.waiting for ur next destination data.

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