Agra a palace of dream for everyone

Travelling describes man’s outlook and views,and help one to shed off prejudices and become less dogmatic.

in the course of journey a traveller comes in contact with natura and its creation and enjoy its beauty.The beauty of the snow capped mountains or the moon light island or a lake in summer night has an irresistable appeal to the human heart.

in this course of my travelling my motile legs brings me to Agra.Undoubtedly Taj Mahal is the only which attracts uncountable people throughout the year.

There are large number of historical place or monuments of human interest all over India.But the Taj Mahal is one of them.It is situated in Agra near Yamuna river,It comes under eighth wonder fo the world.It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the history.Every year uncountable no. of tourists from all over the world visit this buildings.It is built by the Mugal Emperor Shahjahan.He built it in the memory of the auderable wife Mumtaj Mahal.It took 22 complete.It cost Shahjahan more than 3 crores of rupees in those days.Can you believe this the valve of those 3 crores of rupees from the current value.It is fully made of white marble.It stands right on the bank of river Yamuna.There is a minar in each of its four corner.there are two tombs in it one of them is of Mumtaj Mahal and  the other and the other is Shahjahan himself.There are heart touching garden on three sides of the Taj.On the fourth side the holy river Yamuna river flows.It looks very beautiful in the light of a full moon day.

one should have to really visit this beautiful Palace in his life.There is lot more to say about Taj Mahal but its beauty can’t beexpressde in words.


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