Fable Castle a new discovery in the field of real estate.

Fable Castle a new discovery in the field of real estate.

North India-based real estate developer Supertech has partnered Disney for offering branded residences in its Supertech Fable Castle project in Golf Country at Yamuna Expressway in Greater Noida. This is the second such project for Supertech in the history of Noida. The homes will be fully furnished with Disney themes. It will be easier for Supertech to market these homes as a huge number of Supertech-fable-castleinfable-castle-3dividuals can identify with Walt Disney and will also be willing to pay a little bit more.. Disney, having a impressive line-up of home consumer products, has always been committed to engaging with the consumers and the latest venture is only evidence of that commitment. This project is a part of Golf country, a 100 acres integrated township located at Yamuna Expressway. In this specific tie-up, Supertech has employed Disney India to do designs and outside of Dream Adventure. Disney India will design rooms motivated by Disney stories and characters.

The residential project titled Fable Castle, which is a part of the Golf Country Township along the Yamuna Expressway, will now have a comic relief courtesy. . It has been proposed to construct homes inspired by the characters from the famed Disney franchise. Having associated with a very popular company that has been entertaining people across ages it will be easier for Supertech to market these houses as a large number of people can identify with Disney and will also be willing to pay a little bit more.

. The project is spread over 7.5 acres, and will have a 1,000 apartments of 1,000-2,125 sq ft. The price starts at Rs 3,300 a sq ft. consists of 1,000 houses including 2, 3 and 4 BHK facilities. The Disney-inspired swimming pools and other entertainment facilities have been envisaged with a view to bring the kids out of their homes and engage in social activities.

In order to provide Walt Disney experience to the individuals, Walt Disney motivated homes will have Walt Disney identifiable offering, house creating products, colour combinations, bed linens products, bath elements and more. Moreover, the venture will also have Walt Disney motivated children places such as the share, playground, party and action places for children and close relatives. The venture is looking for the center and higher middle-class associates with youngsters. “Disney numbers and activities have motivated every growth and this will give an opportunity to all those who want to have a Walt Disney magic in their homes, especially children who are drawn to such awesome and awesome upgrades. Walt Disney India’s first actual estate venture in north regional Indian local.



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