“Fable Castle” by Supertech a pride for the nation

“Fable Castle” by Supertech a pride for the nation

Property firm Supertech Limited today announced a tie-up with Disney Consumer Products India, the licensing & merchandising arm of The Walt Disney Company India for Disney inspired homes at their proposed residential project. The individual project known as Fable Castle, which is a aspect of the Golf Country Township along the Yamuna Expressway, This city will now have a comic relaxation free of charge.  This is the second such project for Supertech. It has been recommended to make homes motivated by the numbers from the well-known Disney sequence. Having associated with a very well-known organization that has been exciting people across age categories it will be simpler for Supertech to promote these homes as a large amount of people can identify with Disney and will also be willing to pay a little bit more.

Supertech has 70 million sq ft across 34 projects under growth currently. The project is distributing over 7.5 kilometers, and will have 1,000 apartments of 1,000-2,125 sq ft. The cost starts at Rs 3,300 a sq ft. contains 1,000 homes such as 2, 3 and 4 BHK functions. The costs for the individual projects in Golf Country are set at Rs. 3,000 per sq ft.

They are needed to enhance due to this collaboration. The Disney-inspired consistently and other entertainment functions have been thought with a viewpoint to carry the kids out of their homes and exercise community activities.

In order to provide Disney experience to the individuals, Disney inspired homes will have Disney noticeable providing, affordable products, colour combinations, bedding products, bath accessories and more.

Moreover, the project will also have Disney inspired kids locations such as the pool, playground, party and activity locations for kids and close relatives.

The project is seeking the center and upper middle-class partners with teenagers. “Disney numbers and encounters have inspired every generation and this will give an opportunity to all those who want to have a Disney magic in their homes, especially kids who are attracted to such stunning and stunning innovation.


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