I am not happy being called Content Writer……….


I am not happy being called Content Writer………..

Why should I be called as a content writer? I don’t write content as if I have type them from my own mind. Before I even start writing an article on any sector, I do a extensive research and dig out the most useful information that I feel would attention my readers or clients. I cross check information, particularly when I am writing on health and fitness and technological innovation and any other industry that needs serious and research driven content. When I feel I have collected plenty of information to write an exciting piece, I discuss on how to start my article. I think and rethink about choosing an interesting and eye catchy title, I try things out with the flow of the article, I polish the information and choose to include only useful part of it, I give it a dramatic ending, and I work hard to make sure to review it along with giving it a final polishing. So if I am doing so much, why should I be called as a content writer? I am not simply typing 500 words article and getting paid. I am following a long method that really defines me as a content creator. I create content and not simply write them. I process information to create useful and interesting articles but nevertheless wonder why we are called as content writer. Let’s encourage people to start calling us as content creators. What do you say? Am i right or wrong? Give your comment……Thank you for your love & support.